Your hair is a miracle. By applying GF Organic Oil treatments it becomes alive again this is the miracle. Your hair becomes elastic, alive, and strong because the molecular structure of this oil treatment. It is so fine that it penetrates while it recreates the bond of your hair and cuticle. This allows your hair to heal from color damage highlights and balayage. Our hair is alive and we should love it like we love our skin. By adding this to your hair where it is damaged, or a full application from root to end, evenly applying it to the scalp for extra moisture and hair thickening. If you are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair apply the GiacomoForbes serum. This product is for exfoliating your scalp with an organic mild alpha hydroxide and allow the essential oils to penetrate the follicle. It will also rejuvenate from the inside out creating thicker hair, more hair, and prevents hair loss. This regimen should be done daily for extreme loss. Sometimes hair loss comes from after having a child, this is a good way to encourage hair growth quickly. Some women are losing their hair because of the DHT hormone attacking the follicle. I use an agent to counter the hormone in the essential oil mixture to attack the DHT hormone and allow the hair to start rejuvenating. It is done organically, naturally, and happily. It smells divine, which is always nice for your happy senses during times of stress from hair loss. If your ends are damaged, apply the hair oil along with the scalp treatment. This is to rejuvenate both at the same time, love your hair, because it will love you back.

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